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Freestyle Wednesday: Something Old..

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The Start of a New Era

I usually think of the month of September as the turning point between summer and fall.  But ever since high school, I found one of the greatest best friend, sister, mentor a girl could ever ask for.  Sa’Rah (pronounced Suh-raa) Stroud has been in many ways in fact a talented young woman earning her college degree in a field that take a certain amount of courage and integrity to fulfil.  She has all of those qualities and more such as an honest worker in her studies and workplace, hospitable wherever she is needed, and just simply sweet.  This past weekend marked the 22nd annual anniversary of her birth and well this is me saying “Happy Birthday!” Hope you enjoy.

Freestyle Wednesday

Downtown Chicago is a wonderful city to freelance photograph in your own way.  It’s especially beautiful during the evening and so I took the initiative to see if I have what it takes to shoot photography at night.  It was difficult however I pray that some justice has proved well in my capture and editing.  Hope you enjoy!

Skyline On-The-Go

It’s Abstract Friday!

Informal Monday

Abstract Friday

Informal Monday


Starting something new on here, I am going to share with you all informal portraiture on Mondays to make things a little interesting.  The reason why I thought I’d twist things up a bit is because usually Mondays are our formal- suit and tie- kind of days, however, we all want to be inspiring  and entertained at the beginning of the week.  So let’s see how well I can inspire and entertain your eye.


Part of an Inspiration

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